Class Lesson Review

Welcome to our video section dedicated to the review of entry level lessons we have taught recently. We hope these will help keep you active and allow you to practice at home during this time of isolation. When we all are able to return to a normal schedule, we will be able to progress more rapidly. We have many videos that we have produced over the years, these particular videos are directed to the entry level dancer or the more advanced dancers that would like to review some of the technique used in the basic figures and movements.

We are publishing these videos once or twice a week during this time. You can check back often for the latest offerings.

Also, these were meant to be interactive. Let us know via email if we missed something, if you have a question, perhaps you want to see a similar figure or action. We will answer it online or perhaps put up a video to answer.

Our Thursday night class:
Waltz Lesson 1 - Frame - basic movement - box - turning box.
Waltz - Ladies Slow Walk Around Turn (Slow Under Arm Turn)
Waltz - Face to Face, Back to Back
Rumba Lesson 1 - Basic Movement - Box - Turning Box - Side Basic
Rumba Lesson 2 - Ladies Quick Under Arm "Turn"
Rumba Cross Body Lead -
Rumba She Turns He Turns -
Foxtrot Lesson 1 - Movement and Basic Step
Foxtrot Lesson 2 - Quarter turn to the right (and some technique for natural turns)
Foxtrot - Left Rock Turn
Rumba Crossover Break -

From the Intro To Tango Workshop.
Lesson 1 - Tango movement - The Tango Close - CBMP - Tango Basic Step
Tango Promenade Position - The Tap (to promenade) - Promenade Left (Promenade link with Tango Close)
Tango - Open Fan to Side Close -
Tango - Corte -

These videos are intended for the use of our students to supplement what was taught in our class. They are not intended as stand-alone instruction videos or as a replacement for personalized instruction.