Dance Etiquette

Text Box: Dancing, like any sport or activity, has a set of rules and accepted practices. Dance etiquette is a set of guidelines that help us navigate the social dimensions of dancing. 

Asking for a Dance
It is proper for both Men and Women to ask.
If asking in a group, be direct, make good eye contact with the person being asked to avoid confusion. 
Interrupting a conversation to ask to dance is ok. (all are there to dance).

Declining a dance. 
Anyone should be allowed to politely decline if: 
(a) you do not know the dance, (b) you need a rest, or (c) you have promised the dance to someone else.
Offer to dance later if appropriate.
If you decline, you must not accept an offer to dance during the same song.

Being Declined
Accept gracefully.
You may try again after several songs.

Taking the floor
Find an open area
Guide the lady on the floor to start dance

On the Dance Floor
Man invites lady to dance position (dance hold)
Lady moves to man and defines partner distance
Follow the Line of Dance (counterclockwise)
Exercise good floorcraft (moving around floor)
Make your partner look good
Collisions, both couples (man) apologize regardless of fault
Protect your partner 
No uncomfortable leads  or overambitious steps
Possible annoyances ( counting, chewing gum, humming)
Make your partner feel appreciated.

When the music is over
It is appropriate to applaud the music (live or DJ or long solos). Thank your partner.
Guide the lady back to her seat. Never stand on the dance floor to talk.

Other points:
Avoid moving food or drinks over the dance floor.

Have Fun!