Please also see our Lesson Location Page.

  • Group Lessons
    These lessons provide an exposure to many dances at a very reasonable cost. Each class begins with the basics so you can join at any time. We teach group lessons in a number of area locations. Contact us for specific dates and times.

    Be sure to visit our page for the weekly USA Dance Group Classes.

  • Workshops
    Workshops are special group classes and are generally three hours in length. We will take a particular dance and concentrate on technique. We'll focus on steps that are often troublesome or uncomfortable for the social dancer. These workshops are designed for dancers of any level that have at least a basic knowledge of the selected dance. See the Workshop Page for more details.

  • Private Lessons
    Private lessons allow the student to accelerate their dance learning experience. It gives the student and teacher the ability to concentrate on the strength and weaknesses of the individual or couple. Private lesson prices vary with time and location. Private lessons are by appointment. Please see our Private Lesson Policy.

  • Semi-Private Lessons
    This concept allows for 2 to 4 couples (maximum) to enjoy a lesson that offers a good degree of individual attention while sharing the cost of accelerated learning. The couples should all be at the same level of dance skill. Please see our Private Lesson Policy.

  • Private Groups
    Private group lessons can be tailored for a particular event such as a wedding, fundraiser etc. Contact us for details.

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