pix1p26.jpgYou only have
one chance.

For your
First Dance
Make it a dance to remember.

Take the floor with confidence and create a lasting memory of your first dance together as husband and wife.

You can do it. And, it does not need to be expensive.

We are pleased to offer Wedding Dance Instruction by
National Ballroom Championship Competitors John & Penny DeFino.
Learn not only the basics for your first dance together, but the styling tips and technique used by ballroom competitors to win National Titles.

Wedding Lesson Offers

  • Basic Package
    Learn basic steps to insure confidence on the dance floor for your selected dance. Minimum three, one hour lessons. Simplified choreography.

  • Showcase Package
    Dazzle your attendees with your newly acquired dance ability and special choreography. Minimum six, one hour lessons over a 60 day period.

  • Performance Package
    Donít just dance, perform. Make a truly lasting impression as you exit the floor and leave your guests speechless. Choreography designed especially for you. Minimum tweleve, one hour lessons over a 90 period.

  • Group Lessons for the Wedding Party
    Let the whole wedding party in on the fun. Provide a one night, two hour lesson to teach the basics of one dance. Your guests will float across the dance floor with confidence.

    Wedding Dance Etiquette

    For pricing and scheduling please Contact Us