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Links to Private DeFino Ballroom Videos:

These videos are produced for the benefit of our students to supplement their dance education and enjoyment. They are not intended to replace personalized dance instruction.

Note: These are links to the private videos. There are a number of Public videos that are not listed here. They may be seen at: www.youtube.com/definoballroom and http://www.youtube.com/bayriverballroom
Tip: Many of the videos are in HD (High Definition) for better viewing. If the video starts and stops, hit the pause button on the video and wait a minute for the video to load a bit before viewing.

Waltz Exercise - Waltz Exercise (Old Version)

  • Waltz
    Reverse Spiral to Develope
    Waterfall Variations
    Waltz Chasse to Spiral Turns
    Waltz Twinkle to Reverse Turn and Open Fan
    Waltz Progressive Under Arm Turns
    Waltz Promenade Hesitation and Develope
    Waltz Promenade Pivot from Hesitation
    Waltz Ladies Slow Under Arm Turn to Circular Walks
    Bronze Waltz Oversway
    Waltz Ronde Grapevine
    Waltz Hesitation Steps
    Promenade Hesitation (Kick) with Twist
    Promenade Hesitation (Kick) with Spiral Turn
    Waltz Rock Turn
    Waltz Progressive Twinkles in Shadow
    Waltz Twinkle and Weave
    Waltz Promenade Hesitation
    Waltz Circular Under Arm Turn
    Waltz Open Circular Turn
    Waltz Combination Taught at the Rocky Mount USA Dance
    Waltz Whisk to Cross Hesitation

  • Texas Waltz (Couples Line Dance)
    The Texas Waltz - at the end of the video we show the turns in slow-motion:
    Texas waltz class - Here is a short clip of you all doing the Texas Waltz

  • Foxtrot
    Double Under Arm Turn in Promenade
    Natural Twist Turn from Promenade
    Syncopated Grapevine from Promenade
    Sway and Tap
    Natural Fallaway
    Foxtrot Bronze Flip Flops
    Charleston Rocks
    Foxtrot Forward and Back Checks (with Charleston Action)
    Continuous Rocks
    Turning Twinkle to Outside Swivel
    Promenade Pivot to Develope
    Quarter Turn to Right with Right Turning Box
    Quarter turn to Right with Pivot
    Outside Check to Right Lunge
    Twinkle to Traveling Locks
    Back to Back Checks
    Foxtrot Promenade Variations
    Double Under Arm Turns
    Foxtrot Corte
    Foxtrot Progressive Twinkles in Shadow (Skaters)
    Turning Twinkle with Head Loop
    The Foxtrot steps we we taught at the Greenville USA dance: ( Running box steps in shadow, outside partner, step-points, develope' to free spin) Foxtrot Steps for Greenville USA Dance
    Christmas Foxtrot Routine Angle 1
    Christmas Foxtrot Routine Angle 2
    Christmas Foxtrot Routine With Counts
    Foxtrot Basic Wall

  • Tango
    Natural Promenade Turn with Ladies Under Arm Turn and Wing Walks (from Zoom class)
    Grapevine, Barrel Roll, Back Corte
    Tango Continuous Promenade
    Tandem Turns in Shadow
    Tango Grapevine
    Natural Twist Turn
    Open Progressive Swivels
    Continuous Basic
    Tango Half Turns (3 half turns)
    Tango Gancho Hooks with Outside Swivel
    Tango Back Check Promenade Corte
    Tango Open Fan Progressives
    Tango Steps Taught at the Greenville USA Dance Nov. 2014
    Tango Oversway Version 2 (From Zoom Class)
    Tango Oversway
    Tango Corte with Leg Crawl
    Tango Open Fan with Under Arm Turn (Forgot we already did this step)
    Tango Open Fan with Under Arm Turn
    Tango Open Fan with Passing Changes
    Tango Contra Rocks
    Tango Routine Wall #1
    Tango Routine Wall #2

  • Rumba

    Opposition Break
    Circular Walks and Swivels
    Snap Turns to Swivels (End with Spot Turn)
    Rumba Snap Turn Loops and Swivels
    Rumba Swivels to Develope
    Rumba Ladies Travelling turn to Fallaway Fenceline
    Circular Cuban Walks Variation
    Butterfly to Circular Head Loop
    Quick Under Arm Turn to Opening Out
    Catch Cradle and Roll
    Back Spot Turn with Ladies UAT Left and Right
    The Flirt
    Rumba Shadow Turns Variation
    Rumba Passing Changes to Cuddle and Free Spin
    Rumba Snap Turn to Swivels
    Rumba Snap Turn to Swivels (older version)
    Fallaway Ronde to Swivels (Silver)
    Rumba Swivels to Open Fan
    Rumba Walks Combination
    Rumba Grapevine
    Rumba Crossover Variations
    Quick Reverse Turn with Rocks
    Beginner Rumba Lesson 1

  • Cha Cha
    Crossover Break to Cross Body with variations
    Backlock to Flick and Double Under Arm Turn
    Crossover to Swivels and Hand to Hand
    Cross Body Lead to Fan, Catch and Return
    Cha Cha Reverse Ladies Under Arm Turn Wrap & Syncopated Hip Rolls

  • Swing
    Swing Reverse Turn to Lunge and Hold
    Hand to Hand Charleston Step
    Swing Routine
    Swing Double Arm Slide (2 versions)

  • Bolero
    Checked Under Arm Pass to Hip Twist
    Open Hip Twist to Hand Shake Hold
    Hip Twist to Aida and Barrel Roll
    Left Side Pass with Ladies Under Arm Turn and Leg Crawl
    Checked Crossover to Double Head Loop
    Man's Under Arm Turn to the Right
    Crossover Break to Aida
    Traveling Cross to Switch Turns
    Bolero Passing Changes
    Bolero Basic, Under ArmTurn, Left Side Pass, Crossover Break
    Bolero 2 Basic, Under Arm Pass, Check to Circular Walks, Romantic Sways

  • NightClub Two Step
    Through The Window
    Cross Body Lead to Open Fan and Cuddle
    Cross Body Lead to Fan and Fallaway
    The Triple Traveler
    Spot Turn to Barrel Roll
    Grapevine Variations
    Alternating Turns with Cuddle
    Ronde to Develope
    NightClub Two Step Ladies Under Arm Turn to Wrap and Free Spin
    Hip Checks
    Spot Turn to Man's Under Arm Turn
    Nightclub Two Step Introduction
    Nightclub Two Step Promenade / Counter-promenade
    NightClub Two Step "MerryGoRound"
    Barrel Roll to Ladies Free Spin
    Right Turn with Cross Step
    Ladies Inside Turn with Walkaround and Free Spin
    Fallaway Ronde to Free Spin
    Pivot Turns
    Grapevine Rondes
    Hamerlock Cuddles
    Figure 8 Turns
    Push Spin
    Left Turn

  • Slow Dance (Foxy)
    Ladies Double Under Arm Reverse Turn as taught in our Zoom Class
    Modified Extended Weave from our Zoom Class
    Open Fan Variations (from our Zoom Class)
    Forward / Backward & Rocks
    Progressive Sliding Doors
    Shadow Step Points from our Zoom Class
    Open Fan to Shadow Step Points
    Hover Cross
    Cross Swivel to Fishtail (from our Zoom class)
    Cross Swivel - Fishtail (Version 1)
    Cross Swivel - Fishtail - Telemark (Version 2)
    Traveling Locks
    Double Under Arm Turn in promenade
    Passing Changes with Roll-in

  • Quickstep

  • Performances
    Showcase Performance - Quickstep
    Showcase Performance - Tango
    John & Penny International Slow Foxtrot
    John & Penny American Foxtrot Performance
    John & Penny Viennese Waltz - Tango Fusion
    John & Penny Waltz Performance
    Christmas Foxtrot December 2013
    Christmas Waltz 2013
    Little Mermaid - Saturday Matinee - All Ballroom Scenes
    Little Mermaid - Opening Night - All Ballroom Scenes
    More Performances and Videos
    And More Performances and Videos

  • Sequence Dances

    Autumn Mist Group 1
    Autumn Mist Group 2
    Autumn Mist Group 3
    Autumn Mist Group 4
    Autumn Mist Waltz Demo
    Autumn Mist Performed in 2018 Showcase by Students

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